RVRT013 These Strange Times Are Mine

by Christian Piers



We’re living in strange times. Confusion and unsureness reign our existence. Mercifully music reminds us there is still heaps of hope, love and craftsmanship in the world. Real music, that is. Real music like the Riverette’s steady flow of on-point releases. Real music like the multi-faceted, un-classifiable work of Christian Piers (AKA A1B and one half of Laszlo Dancehall)
The title track sets the scene. Tech grandeur with a careful sense of restraint, every element (the rolling drums, the iceberg synths, the vast open plane bass) is built with broad, chunky detail yet brought together with a solidity rather than an overt fullness. Riffing on a consistent arpeggio, there’s a stately sense of momentum that never outruns itself.
‘Solitary Stare’ captures a much more paranoid mindset. A downpitched, spiralling riff tunnels further and further into the psyche like a dark alley creeper getting closer and closer with every sculpted tweak and additional drum element. Devilishly simple in its make-up, delightfully dark in its message, handle this one with care.
‘Polar Station’ plays on peculiarity polarity of our times furthermore with a dense, almost crunchy analogue groove that hurls you in head first. There’s a touch of the early Rolando to its heady construct – all loopy and militant in its drums and hazy and wavy in its riff, it treads the razor-wire light/dark balance consummately.
Finally ‘Verb’ brings us back to reality as a fluctuating bass texture lurks behind rolling breakbeats and an immense riff that ripples and flexes with a decades-rich timeless techno echo. Relentless in its drive and persistence, it’s the antidote the divisive hurly burly of our era – keep on fighting for what you believe in. These strange times aren’t just Christian’s, they’re not just any of his many aliases… These strange times are all of ours.


released November 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Riverette Madrid, Spain

In 2014 Riverette music was launched with a bang. The underground hit Blue Tearz EP by Legowelt, went on to be repressed multiple times and was played by everyone , establishing the label as one of the freshest new voices on the scene.12 releases later this labour of love by two childhood friends ( Dos Attack ) remains rooted on one principle . Good music ! ... more

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